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You Didn't Even Know Me

Canadian singer-songwriter Elly Thorn has launched a new music video, You Didn’t Even Know Me, with all proceeds going to organizations working with Syrian refugees. “This music video is for the refugees, but also for all Canadians who are opening up their hearts, doors and wallets to help these newcomers feel welcome,” said Elly Thorn. “I want it to reflect our generosity of spirit, hope for the future and strength through diversity.” The video includes refugees, school children, teachers, and First Nations. As the original welcomers of us all, First Nations play a prominent role in the video. “We wanted to tell this story from a uniquely Canadian perspective,” said Thorn. “First Nations started the welcoming tradition, and we have the opportunity to pay it forward.” All proceeds from the sale of You Didn’t Even Know Me will be donated to organizations working with refugees in Canada. Get it on iTunes:… Get it on Google Play:… Visit Elly Thorn’s website: