Performing artist Elly Thorn was raised in a small Saskatchewan community named Saltcoats. Typical of rural life, Thorn took music lessons as a way to fill the long, hot prairie summer days and the cold winter ones that keep you stuck indoors. She began her musical career with the touring musical revue, Saskatchewan Express, as well as the Canadian Heritage Society’s Spirit of a Nation, a showcase of Canadian song and dance celebrating Canada’s cultures and history.

Thorn studied at the prestigious Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, B.C and honed her musical talents aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Multitalented, Thorn has also acted in TV series like Rabbit Fall and Corner Gas, as well as in stage adaptations of Evita and Toon Town with Saskatoon’s Persephone Theatre.

As a songwriter and recording artist, Thorn has three albums to her name and is currently working with Bart McKay Productions on her fourth album in hopes of an end of 2018 release.  Her first release to radio was ‘Sweet Millie’ which was picked up on over 50 stations across Canada. 

Always writing, always performing, always evolving….watch for Thorn performing at a venue near you.  



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